Huggies Pull Ups


Potty training is a key developmental milestone for kids but can be a big headache for parents. So many different opinions and pieces of advice. Parents are actively looking for help.

Huggies Pull Ups are expertly designed training pants to help kids make the transition from nappies to pants whilst minimising the stress (and mess) for parents.

To cement their position as market leaders they devised, with Developmental Psychologist Dr Heather Wittenberg, a 6 steps to Potty Success programme.

Huggies were keen to reach parents with their programme and products when they were actively seeking potty training advice.


Nursery staff are a key resource of expert advice for potty training. They are, after all, experts in kids of potty training age and are skilled in supporting a broad cross section of kids through the journey.

Huggies Pull Ups are designed to teach kids autonomy and independence, and allow parents to potty train with confidence.

With the support of the nursery staff, Huggies Pull Ups and the 6 step programme will give parents the extra confidence to try Huggies Pull Ups at home.


We developed a piece of quantitative research that engaged nurseries, across the sector, to understand if they would welcome a marketing programme from Huggies Pull Ups with support materials and samples to reach parents.

As part of the research we generated rich insights into how Huggies should, via the nursery staff, broach the topic with parents, optimal timing for success and techniques for positive training.


We identified that nurseries were a fertile and receptive territory for Huggies Pull Ups to engage parents.

The staff were full of advice and expertise on potty training and supportive of Huggies Pull Ups as part of the training solution.

They were open to marketing materials (leaflet, reward charts and stickers & samples) to help convey consistent advice and messaging to parents.

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