Small Foot


Small Foot, a completely new film franchise and original story based on the myth of Big Foot, needed to support the release by promoting the trailer and release date to 5-11 year old kids and their parents.

As an original narrative, the key to success to this film family marketing campaign was to introduce and create intrigue around the characters and story using the theme of urban myths and legends.

Due for release in autumn half term, a competitive time of year for kid’s film launches.


Story time at home is a magical part of the day for parents and kids to come together and connect over a story, but is often led by the parent reading a book with the child listening.

The urban myths and legends theme provides rich story telling possibilities for little minds with big imaginations.

Kids love making up stories and sharing them with their family, parents enjoy listening to their growing imaginations and the opportunity to discuss their understanding of the world.


We devised the Big Stories for Small Feet, an art of storytelling campaign, where kids created their own urban myth and legend inspired stories to tell their parents at bedtime.

Launched in specially designed English lessons, the kids watched the trailer and learnt about the myths and legends topic. Over a series of follow up lessons in creative writing they developed their stories, putting them to the ultimate test at bedtime by reading to their parents.

This family marketing campaign extended into art lessons with a competition for kids to design the book cover for their story.

We partnered with First News to promote the film and The National Literacy Trust to support the in school activity.


100% of surveyed schools said the overall resources were engaging citing: ‘children were excited by the materials/loved the stickers/got involved in the competition when they don’t normally take part in such activity’.

  • Awareness amongst kids of film increased from 60% to 90%
  • Awareness amongst parents of the film increased from 10% to 60%

Project details.