Everyone loves Monopoly when they play it. Parents have fond memories from childhood, and kids (7-11) these days enjoy it too, occasionally.

In an increasingly screen obsessed world, connecting over a board game isn’t high on kids list of fun.

Monopoly needed to become relevant and top of mind again as a cool thing for kids to do with their family and friends.


Parents and schools are increasingly trying to find ways to encourage kids away from screen time and learn skills through ‘hands on’ experience.

Monopoly provides the perfect opportunity to learn money management skills through play.

Once kids have fun playing Monopoly and parents are encouraged by the skills they learn, they are more likely to spend time together playing it at home.


Kids learn best when they’re having fun so we created a network of Monopoly GO! After School Clubs and national competition, a place for kids to come together and enjoy playing Monopoly competitively.

We launched the club within a specially designed classroom lesson, linking the money management skills provided by the game into Maths and PSHE topics – giving them valuable lessons around spending, loans, values and consequences.

To deepen engagement further, we ran a competition to design a new Monopoly playing piece. The winner was awarded their height in Hasbro games for their school.

We managed the entire campaign from school recruitment process, activation and designed and produced all supporting materials.


Now in its 3rd year, the Monopoly GO! After School Club programme continues to go from strength to strength. It has been universally welcomed and enjoyed by kids, parents and teachers:

  • Awareness of Monopoly rose from 40% to 93%
  • 80% of pupils engaged or very engaged in money management lesson.
  • Each kid was exposed to 4 hours of branded content.
  • “Monopoly was played every night with various members of the family. Introducing him to negotiation, cheating and learning how to loose gracefully or without gloating!” PARENT
  • “It has clearly been well thought out and very nice to be able to use a ‘family’ game to support the children, thank you to Hasbro for the opportunity” TEACHER

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