Meccano has inspired countless engineers, designers, architects and creative minds of all ages for over 100 years. Meccano is more than a toy, it is an important tool for teachers and educators.

Meccano sets to encourage kids to learn about STEM skills while having fun! The key success to this campaign was to create an engagement and content strategy that positioned Meccano as an important tool to aid children (aged 7 to 11) to learn and understand about the power of STEM.


Kids love using their hands to learn and explore the world around them. This makes Meccano the perfect tool to support STEM learning through play especially through the creation of complex models with moving parts.

Play is very powerful in creating confidence, resilience, communication and interpersonal skills. Therefore, it is vital to encourage and nurture playtime with engaging resources.


We created an innovative and highly engaging campaign that demonstrated the power of STEM using Meccano.  For this campaign we recruited over 700 schools (mostly STEM coordinators) to take part in our programme of 4 complete lessons including a suite of downloadable and printed materials to help bring the learning to life.

We activated all registered schools for 3 weeks, driving downloads and usage of materials including lesson plans, certificates, activity sheets and bespoke pupil reward stickers, until it was stopped due to the national lock-down.

In addition to the lessons, we ran a national drawing competition.


This campaign ensured sustainability for Meccano’s objective – to become an instrument in schools to support STEM.

  • No teacher has unsubscribed from the communications. Including direct clicks to the resources from e-comms and the printed URL.
  • SUPER had 789 unique downloads of the materials, over 100%. Suggesting the activation emails are sent from teachers to teacher to enable others to use the materials.

This legacy allows Meccano to grow in the field of education and demonstrates the power of partnerships. This level of engagement was recognised by Meccano:

‘For over 100 years, Meccano has inspired countless engineers, designers, architects and creative minds of all ages. Meccano is more than just a toy, it is a tool for teachers and educators.

Meccano sets encourage kids to learn about STEM skills while having fun! We recognised that Meccano is a fantastic way to engage school pupils and a great tool for teaching key STEM skills. We were delighted to appoint SUPER. as the agency to lead on a school marketing and education programme and were thrilled to see how they brought it to life and activated in schools. We were particularly pleased to see that schools looking after key worker children during the first lockdown had benefited from the materials and product during this challenging time. We have continued to work with SUPER. to further widen the reach of this programme, activating an additional 700 schools since the start of campaign.’

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