Lego Movie 2


Four years after the original Lego Movie, we needed to reacquaint the main characters with the original fans and introduce them to whole a new audience.

This movie is the fourth movie from the Lego franchise. We needed to help distinguish Lego Movie 2 from Lego Ninjango and Lego Batman.

Use our successful Lego Master Builder framework to maximise reach and resonate with those who have engaged in the past drawing on our loyal teacher, pupil and family fan base.


The joy of Lego is it brings everyone together, boys and girls, young and old and inspires teamwork to build original collaborative creations.

The space theme within the movie presented the perfect opportunity to link with STEM topics.

By giving kids the hands on experience of coming together as a team with an exciting mission helps them connect with the storyline and characters.


Using our Lego Master Builder framework we inspired schools to turn science lessons into STEM Labs with the mission to become Rocket Builders.

Working collaboratively together as a school, they were on a mission to create the fastest, most awesome Space Rocket for Emmet to rescue Lucy. The winning school would be treated to an exclusive screening of the movie, a workshop from Junior STEM, and Lego kits for the school.

We launched the STEM Labs within a series of 4 specially designed classroom lessons across all science subjects encouraging the kids to research and collect facts; create a blueprint plan and build, culminating in a school assembly where the final rocket was revealed and launched.

Each school received a giant Lego brick containing their rocket making kit, including launch pad and supporting lesson plan materials.

Winning rocket displayed at the National Space Centre.


  • School sign up exceeded target by 8%
  • 80 schools competition entries = 9,600 kids

Project details.


Warner Bros/LEGO